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The Sicilian Clan (TV-PG, PG, ***) The aging capo of a crime family arranges to help an unruly murderer escape from prison in order to collaborate with him on a large-scale jewel robbery.

Family Affair Desert Isle, Manhattan Style (TV-G) Cissy is asked to babysit her younger siblings while he and Mr. French are out on the town; she gets distracted when her boyfriend asks her to go on a trip.
Family Affair Eastward, Ho! (TV-G) Bill offers to Ming Lee stay with the family for a while, as she is engaged in an arrange marriage to a friend of his; Cissy and Gregg offer to take her out.
Petticoat Junction The Talent Contest (TV-G) While Uncle Joe is out promoting an upcoming talent competition, he schemes about how to get one of his three nieces to win the big prize.
Petticoat Junction Kate and the Manpower Problem (TV-G) When one of Kate's old friends sees Kate has not remarried, despite being widowed for some time, she and the girls search for eligible bachelors.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show The 45 Year-Old Man (TV-G) Lou Grant is replaced when the news show's ratings fall, and after a few days under the new manager, Mary tries to talk the station owner into rehiring Lou.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show The Birds ... and ... um ...Bees (TV-G) Mary's documentary about sex draws fire from viewers, but Phyllis says Bess liked it and she thinks Mary is the ideal one to explain the facts of life to her.

IRT Deadliest Roads Dead Man's Canyon (HD, TV-14) Hugh may use dynamite to expand an old donkey trail up the Andes; Lisa and G.W.'s rig may not fit miles of hand-carved tunnels, as the rookies enter as well.
Storm Chasers Sean Casey at the Bat (HD, TV-PG) Under the guidance of his meteorologists, Sean Casey makes yet another attempt to capture the perfect IMAX shot that he's been trying to get for years.
Swamp Loggers The Storm (HD, TV-PG) Bobby is ordered to move their operations back to a previous location; a tropical storm brings risings waters that threaten to sink heavy, valuable equipment.

Early Edition His Girl Thursday (TV-PG) Meredith walks back into Gary's life promising not to let the newspaper come between them, but a lucrative opportunity proves to tempting to let go.
Early Edition The Wrong Man (TV-PG) Gary seeks closure concerning his past relationship when the newspaper informs him that his ex-wife is getting remarried to his former boss.
Early Edition Christmas (TV-PG) Gary tips Detective Crumb about a bomb in a teddy bear being placed at a skating rink; Chuck shares a jail cell with a man claiming to be Santa.

Adam-12 Truant (TV-PG) After catching two young criminals in the middle of vandalizing a house, Malloy and Reed begin to get several calls involving truancies throughout the city.
Adam-12 Ambush (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed are assigned to transport a dangerous criminal to jail, but while driving through a canyon, the police officers are ambushed by two killers.
Emergency! One of Those Days (TV-G) The family of an elderly woman with stomach trouble comes to blows while discussing her treatment; a drunk in a building with a broken elevator needs help.
Murder, She Wrote The Sins of Castle Cove (TV-PG) A former student of Jessica's publishes a best-selling novel, but Jessica finds that the work of fiction may be a little bit too close to the truth.

The Shadow Riders (TV-PG, PG, ***) After the Civil War, two brothers return to find that their two sisters and the neighbor's girl have been enslaved by a rebel officer who hasn't quit fighting.
Ned Kelly (TV-PG, **+) Legendary outlaw of the Australian Outback Ned Kelly goes on a robbing rampage when his mother is imprisoned on a bogus murder charge.

In the Heat of the Night Blind Spot, Part 2 (TV-14) Detective Dibbs uncovers a dangerous web of corruption when he continues his investigation into a former classmate's suspicious business dealings in Sparta.
In the Heat of the Night The Hammer and the Glove (TV-14) Detective Tibb is taken aback after evidence surrounding the recent murder of two FBI agents and a crucial witness points to a former partner from Philadelphia.
Walker, Texas Ranger Something in the Shadows, Part 1 (TV-14) A drug smuggler targets Walker when his business is threatened and Walker suspects that there is a serial rapist where Alex teaches.

Sparkle in Silver Jewelry (New, TV-G) Add a little sparkle to your life and shop for stunning silver jewelry designs set with glimmering gemstones. Look for offers during our Red Tag Tuesday!
Exclusively Gold Jewelry (New, TV-G) Bring a new shiny element to your ensemble & shop classic gold jewelry designs that'll go with just about anything. Look for offers during our Red Tag Tuesday!

Fight for Life (TV-PG, NR, **) An Ohio optometrist and his wife fight to have an obscure drug approved by FDA to aid their daughter from suffering from a rare form of epilepsy and seizures.
The Children of An Lac (TV-PG, NR, **+) A movie based on the true story of Ina Balin and her efforts to rescue 400 orphaned children from the An Lac orphanage before the fall of Saigon to communist.

August Share-A-Thon (New)

Lunch Rush (HD, TV-G)
Tony Little Health and Wellness (HD, TV-G) A renowned personal trainer presents his collection of fitness-based products, including low-calorie bison meat, workout equipment and fitness footwear.
Beekman 1802 Bath & Body (TV-G)

Beautiful Bedroom Programs hosts offer viewers a special presentation of bedroom items that will turn your bedroom into a beautiful oasis fit for a queen.
Elizabeth Grant Skincare EVINE Live presents an exclusive skin care collection designed for troubled skin, featuring a nourishing blend of Torricelumn and skin care actives.
Evine Beauty Experience
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