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« Sabrina (TV-PG, PG, **+) The daughter of a chauffeur falls for a rich man, and when she returns after spending two years in Paris, she attracts his attention with her refined new look.
Some Kind of Wonderful (TV-PG, PG-13, **+) An artistic student from the wrong side of the tracks sets his sights on a rich girl while overlooking the fact that his childhood friend has a crush on him.

Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In (TV-PG) Comics Dan Rowan and Dick Martin present a variety program featuring improv sketches, political satire, appearances from celebrities and musical performances.
Through the Decades June 19 (HD, New, TV-PG) News anchor Bill Kurtis walks viewers through major news moments that have taken place in history on a specific day, and how each moment impacts pop culture.
The Dick Cavett Show (TV-PG) Guests include Laurence Harvey, Nicol Williamson, Adrienne Corri, Jill Townsend and Edward Chapman.

Modern Marvels More Snackfood Tech (HD, TV-PG) Treats such as doughnuts, gum, meat snacks, popcorn, and soft drinks are examined for their handmade origins with a hi-tech look at how snacks are made today.
Modern Marvels Brewing (HD, TV-PG) An anthropologist explores the ancient history of beer, which goes as far back as ancient Egypt, and he visits modern breweries as well.
Yukon Gold Bedrock Blues (TV-PG) Karl tries to his luck at a new cut in the hopes of making a profit, but it does not work out as well as he had hoped; Cam's goal seems like an impossible feat.

JAG Rendezvous (TV-14) Mac is given a new assignment in which he is forced to defend an admitted wife abuser whom Harm is prosecuting for the murder of his wife's boyfriend.
Star Trek Journey to Babel (TV-PG) When the Enterprise escorts a group of ambassadors to a conference, mystery arises, and Spock must be reconciled with his father.
Star Trek: The Next Generation Heart of Glory (TV-PG) Lt. Worf's loyalties to the Federation and to Captain Picard are put to the test by two Klingon fugitives rescued by the Enterprise.

Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Frasier Roz in the Doghouse (TV-PG) Roz accepts an offer to produce a local sports radio show, despite Frasier's warnings that the host is only trying to seduce her.
Frasier Retirement Is Murder (TV-PG) Martin is continuously haunted by a case that he could never solve years ago and decides to finally focus all of his attention to solving it.
Frasier Fool Me Once, Shame on You, Fool Me Twice ... (TV-PG) Frasier has his briefcase stolen from him and decides to hunt the thief down to retrieve it and is helped out from callers to his show to locate the thief.
Frasier You Scratch My Book... (TV-PG) Frasier agrees to write for a book that a psychologist is writing, but after reading her book, he realizes that he doesn't want to be a part of it.

« Retroactive (TV-PG, R, **) A psychiatrist fleeing a murderous bully encounters a time machine and decides to use it to alter the destiny of her homicidal pursuer.
Code 46 (TV-14, R, **+) While working for a totalitarian government, an investigator from Seattle travels to Shanghai in order to find the source of illegal travel documents.

All in the Family Stephanie's Conversion (TV-PG) Stephanie admits to Edith that she has been trying to hide the fact that she's Jewish because of Archie's beliefs about the religion.
All in the Family Edith Gets Fired (TV-PG) After a dying woman at the Sunshine Home asks Edith to let her pass away peacefully, Edith puts her own job on the line in order to fulfill her last wishes.
All in the Family All in the Family Retrospective, Part 1 (TV-PG) Host Norman Lear takes a retrospective look back some of the most memorable moments that took place over the nine seasons of "All in the Family."
All in the Family All in the Family Retrospective, Part 2 (TV-PG) Norman Lear, the creator of "All in the Family," takes a retrospective look back at some memorable moments that took place during the show's nine seasons.
All in the Family All in the Family Retrospective, Part 3 (TV-PG) The creator of "All in the Family" presents clips featuring his choices for some of the most memorable, funny and controversial moments from the show.
All in the Family The Family Next Door (TV-PG) After Louise asks Edith to sell the Jefferson's old home, Archie convinces his wife to accept the offer so he can ensure the right sort of neighbor is chosen.

« Bella Luce Dillenium Jewelry Hot Summer Sale (New, TV-G) The 100-facet Dillenium cut allows the observer to see more light and more colors of the spectrum when compared to the standard 58-facet round cut.
Precious World of Pearls Hot Summer Sale (New, TV-G) Shop with Mark Brown for luscious cultured pearl jewelry. Buy it today and wear it for a lifetime. JTV exceptional prices make it easy.

Highway to Heaven A Dolphin Song For Lee, Part 2 (TV-PG) Her cancer in remission, Jonathan and Mark persuade teenage Lee to lobby in the state senate for broader environmental protection.
Heartland Keeping Up Appearances (HD, TV-PG) Tim has high hopes for a big commission when a very wealthy "weekend cowboy" wants Tim's to help him find the perfect dream ranch.
Heartland The Natural (HD, TV-PG) Amy tries to help fulfill Mallory's dream of being a show jumper but while doing so, she discovers that it's Georgie who has the natural talent.

FWC Music (TV-G) Music produced by Family Worship Center is showcased, featuring music by Reverend Jimmy Swaggart, as well as other religious singers, music groups and choirs.
FWC Music (TV-G) Music produced by Family Worship Center is showcased, featuring music by Reverend Jimmy Swaggart, as well as other religious singers, music groups and choirs.
Family Worship Center (TV-G) Founded in the 1960s, the Family Worship Center in Baton Rouge, La., features words of spiritual wisdom, prayer and fellowship.
The Story Behind The Song (TV-G)

Chef Ming Tsai Kitchen Clearance (HD, TV-G) Chef Ming Tsai offers viewers simple to make, delicious recipes great for the summer with the Simply Ming Kitchen Collection.
At Home (HD, TV-G) Tools, cleaning solutions and electronics are among the featured sale items from brands like S20, Magic-Saw and Uniden, among others.
Beauty Report with Amy Morrison (HD, TV-G) The host presents a wide-ranging collection of beauty aids, including cosmetics, skin and hair care products, hair removal systems, and select clothing.

Flawless Hair Removal System
North Shore Living Program hosts present designer-inspired bedding essentials that offer viewers exceptional quality and value from North Shore Living.
Invicta Watches Invicta Vault. A look at a line of men's and women's watches shows a variety of timepieces in three distinct styles: classic, sport and fashion.
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